30 May 2009

Saturday Night Thoughts

It's currently 6:56pm in Juneau, Alaska and for what is not necessarily the first time, but what is occurring with warming frequency, I am sitting in my living room and feeling happy about my life and circumstances.  


I went to work this morning thoroughly grumpy and with every intention of bursting into tears  if Katrina asked me what was going on with the hopes of being sent home.  I didn't feel like being there--not using my degree, not getting anything that I loved done, not being with anyone that I loved...yet.  Kip has been sick for the past few days with what I'm 94.5% sure is swine flu...ahem, H1N1 virus...and most of the time I've been with him I've been grumpy from work.  Not exactly an ideal nurse or fiance.  I have a half-finished dress draped over one of my unused dining room chairs and a pile of crocheting yarn waiting to be made into something to sell.  My therapist comes in a skein, and I haven't been seeing her nearly enough. 


Through untold events and influences, my day improved until I came home from work--some fabric remnants from JoAnn in my arms and a form to register for the Nugget Mall craft fair in July--to find Kip cleaning my kitchen.  "I wanted you to come home to a clean kitchen so you didn't worry about cleaning and could just relax after work" he said as he wiped his nose and coughed up some more phlegm.  

Could he be any more perfect?  

Now it's 7:04 and I'm sitting at my desk watching Sparky cuddle with the shell I collected from the shores outside the Shrine of St. Therese and dropped in his tank, the sounds of the police scanner and Kip's Star Trek video game mixing with the rhythm of my typing.  I have a tummy full of hummus and a kitchen table full of projects, with all the time until bed to get them done.  I came home to two literary gems that are sure to make me smile for years to come:  a letter from Phyllis Tickle telling me that the thank-you note I'd sent her after graduation was the most "gracious and graceful" she'd ever received, and a link to Kasey's new blog.  A letter from my author hero telling me that my note writing skills are unsurpassed and the sincere words of my best friend available anytime I want to see them----joy incarnate!

It's 7:08 and I'm still thrilled with my life.  Kip is fighting the Federation in his game, Paul 20 just called a Code 23, and that hummus is sounding tasty again.  I'm happy in Juneau...again.  


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Anonymous said...

Awww! Well the guy was home all day sick- what else was he gonna do? Conquer the galaxy and clean those damn dishes!