01 May 2009

Apocalypses, Zombie and Otherwise

It's the Apocalypse.  

In an attempt to make some year-end dough and therefore have the ability to invest in a used bike and a sewing machine for my future life as a hipster in Alaska, I picked up a few dorm desk shifts.  I walked into Park North this afternoon, wondering vaguely why the sun decided to come out at the  exact moment I could no longer enjoy it, filled my water bottle, and took up my post.  

Park Northers, fear no crazy man walking in from Kedzie, your loyal Desk Attendant is here!  

On my way in the door, I had grabbed a copy of North Park's usually typo-ridden and often hopelessly biased school paper, the North Park Press.  The cover featured a stained glass portrait of Jesus with Che Guevara's face imposed over the Son of God's with the feature headline, "The Church's Prosperity Gospel" blaring underneath.  Clearly this is no Yale Daily News.   Knowing that reading the cover story was a bad idea (but reading it anyway and stopping after four sentences and about forty logical fallacies), I flipped through the magazine looking for anything of interest.  I bypassed the "Finals Schedual" (which clearly wasn't located next to the spellcheck section) and the ad for Jimmy John's sandwiches ("Faster than your first prom date"....right).  And then it happened.  There was a section of bios featuring the Press writers.  

I read.  
I chuckled.  
And then it hit me.

I enjoyed reading part of the North Park Press.   Given, it was the part that referenced how the Editor-in-Chief joined Cub Scouts in third grade to learn wilderness survival and other generally useful skills before the coming zombie apocalypse (a fear which, I'm learning, is actually gaining some followers), but it was still within the confines of our weekly tabloid.   I'm not sure if this is a good or a bad thing.  I think I'll put it as a neutral between the lists of reasons I'll miss/can't wait to get away from North Park.

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