01 April 2009

Splash Zones, Both Aquatic and Relational

Breakup songs are like the splash zone at the aquarium...there's a certain sick joy that comes from both of them.  Oh yes, those red seats at the front of the auditorium look like gold in youth, and you run toward them with an enthusiasm you think will never diminish, waiting for the landing and subsequent shower each time the dolphins jump from their watery home.  It's a feeling that, regrettably, I never got to experience.  Every time my family and I went to the aquarium, we didn't sit in the splash zone because the adults, in true adulty fashion, didn't want to get wet.  But that doesn't mean that I never got any joy from the good 'ol splash zone.  It was fun to watch:  dozens of kids, their eyes closed and mouths in wide open grins of anticipation, shrieking in the pure joy of being covered in briny water that dolphins had probably excreted in.  

Oh yes, it's the stuff of dreams.  

The same principle applies to breakup songs.  Watching the breakup splash zone, when in the safety, warmth, and dryness of a betrothal, is infinitely more fun than getting drenched by feces-laden relationship water and walking around the aquarium of life all squishy and moist.   Now, this isn't to say that you can't still enjoy watching the people in the splash zone. 

That being said, this is my new favorite song:

Other guilt-free favorite songs of the breakup variety include:  Taylor Swift's "You're Not Sorry", "Should Have Said No" and "Picture to Burn", Timbaland feat. OneRepublic's "Apologize", and more.  

Gosh, being engaged is great. 

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