17 April 2009

Moving Misadventures

It all started with a box.  Well, technically, it all started with a summer camp, and then a crush, and then years of festering, and then a visit, and then a relationship, and then a proposal, but after that proposal came the box, and that is where we are right now.  So here's the box:

It's a great box!  It is a box that contains the majority of my winter clothes, some Oxford paraphernalia, my Deluxe Jesus Action Figure, and some knickknacks that I've been keeping for when I have a real apartment.  It is the first stuff to make the great trek to Alaska in anticipation of me moving there after graduation to be with Kip.  This great box was packed a few days ago and started its grand journey to Alaska this afternoon.

The box (not to be confused with The Box) got tired after being carried down the street, across the bridge, and past the high school students who get stoned in the smoker's circle behind Von Steuben in the afternoon and decided to take a break near the Greenspace to feel like a true North Parker one more time.

Becky found us and decided to lend a hand transporting the box to the UPS Store.  She felt like a true North Parker out on the Greenspace, too, with all those shirtless boys running around playing frisbee and weird Swedish games that involve wooden blocks...

We finally arrived at the UPS Store!  The box would be on its way!  The (semi-friendly) attendant measured it and gave us the grand total for its trip to Alaska:  $135.68.


Seeing as the cost of shipping the box would have been about half of my airline ticket up there, we decided that packing all of its contents in a suitcase and paying the $25 extra baggage fee at the airport was a far superior solution and carried the box back to the apartment.  I took an artistic picture of the reflection of the three of us in the old Covenant Bookstore windows. 

Now the box sits happily in my apartment again, waiting to be packed in a suitcase and really start its adventure in three weeks.  

That makes two of us, box!

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Annie of WA said...

YUP!!! Called SHOCK each time a box is mailed to the great state of Alaska...the USPS is actually cheaper than UPS in this case... but the suitcase route is the best of all :D