25 April 2009

More Moving Misadventures

Seeing as the grand total of moves is now up to 12, I decided to lend Matt a hand yesterday and lend my packing expertise in preparation for his move to his new apartment.  Christina and I packed up his kitchen and were quite probably way too amused by writing witty phrases on packing tape (see below).

I still think it's pretty clever.

In related news, Box finally made it to the land of travel, thanks to the incredibly cheap Media Mail option of the US Postal Service.  Sure, it'll get there maybe a day before I do, but really, who else is going to use it in that time?  Besides, $10.98 is about one and a half Vera Bradley Purple Punch duffels (ahem, graduation) less than what UPS would have charged.  Convenient.


Anonymous said...

Haha it was fun moving those today and explaining them - thanks again!

Barry said...

We moved around a great deal when we were newly married, but we've been in the same home now for 20 years and we have accumulated so much STUFF in all that time that we can never move again!!!

Cindy said...

Haha, I know the feeling! My parents and my sister and I moved around a lot and we have some boxes that still haven't been opened from three moves ago!