24 April 2009

Final College Moment #1

The sound of fingers tapping away on a keyboard came to an abrupt stop.  I looked up at Katie.  
"What's that word when you have a whole bunch of kings, and they go from one to the next.....?"
She tapped her copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls with her thumb, looking up at the ceiling as if it contained the answer.  "Succession?"
"Succession!  That's it!"
Drew glanced up from his computer, "Is it bad that when you said that all I could think of was 'apostolic...' and I couldn't remember the last word?"  Katie and I laughed.  
"That's okay" I responded, "whenever I try to type the name 'Chris' I always accidentally type 'Christ'"
"Oh man, do you always accidentally capitalize 'He' and 'Him' too?" 
"Uh, all the time"
The three of us erupted into forbidden laughter, eliciting shushes from invisible students beyond the mountain of books we'd heaped onto the table to help with the Jewish Backgrounds term paper that we'd known about since January but which we were all scrambling to finish before the midnight deadline.  A flurry of page flipping followed, and the typing resumed.

Graduation Count:  15 days.

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