01 March 2009

Ridin' on the Peace Train ::Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap::

It has come to my attention that I am rapidly becoming a hippie.  

It's actually a rather impressive miracle that I've gone through nearly four years of education at an urban liberal arts university where hookah drifts like a haze across the Greenspace on the first warm day of Spring without dredding my hair and swearing off showers and violence.

Alas, my conversion has come about three and a half years too late.  Thanks in part to my Environmental Science class, my to-do list for life now stands thus:
-grow my own herbs in Juneau
-recycle as much as possible
-simplify my belongings and therefore my life (that's more of a spiritual discipline, really)
-bike across town instead of driving The Box
-buy locally as much as I can
-only eat grass-fed beef
-avoid all forms of corn syrup at all costs
-use a Polaroid camera as much as physically possible (this has nothing to do with Environmental Science...I was inspired by our wedding photographer's blog)  

In celebration of my recent hippiness, and for your listening pleasure, here you go. Hookah, braided hair, and flower power are all optional:

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