30 March 2009

Quite possibly the most diverse bucket list ever

Marry the love of my life
Because nothing else in life is nearly as fun without him by my side!

Grow my hair long when it turns grey
Because I absolutely refuse to cut it short and perm it in an attempt to hide my age.

Write a book that changes one Catholic person's and one Protestant person's lives
Because God told me to.

Pass my engagement ring down into the family
Because it's far too beautiful to be buried with.

Live in a house with windchimes on the porch
Because my life would be incomplete without that experience.


Little Girl Lost said...

congratulations on being engaged... i loved your list... especially wind chimes, i'd love that too.

Cindy said...

There's just something so serene about them!

Thanks for stopping by, Little Girl. I hope you enjoy your stay in Chicaskashireland!