29 March 2009

Lucia Genevive Dibley!

I can confidently say that if it weren't for the Professors Dibley, I would not be anywhere near where I am today. Peter was my Intro to the Bible professor and showed me how fascinating the Bible and the world it was written in could be. Genevive convinced me that I could change the world with it.  Peter will help officiate, and Genevive will be one of the ladies who gives me a flower for my bouquet on our wedding day in August. They are so incredibly dear to me, and therefore I am excited to announce that their second daughter was born on March 24th!  Her name is Lucia Genevive Dibley, and she was 7 lbs, 12 oz and 21 inches long!

Baby burrito!!!

Peter and Lucia 

Genevive and Lucia

It's amazing to me how different two babies from the same family can be, especially considering that when Langsea was born almost two years ago, she didn't even fit between my wrist and my elbow! (see below)


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