21 March 2009

::Hits myself in the Face...book::

I really think that my generation is in the best place possible.  First off, we're golden in the economy--we're too old to be feeling the trouble via our parents, yet too young to have lost some of our 401k ourselves.  We've never had real careers, so we're still okay with working crap jobs for crap pay to live in crap apartments with a few great friends.  The list goes on.....to technology even.  Seriously.  Best generation technology-wise.  We grew up when everything was just coming out--the Internet, computers, cell phones, every Apple product that we now swear we could never live without.  We're not so young that we can't remember life without it and not so old that it's all an enigma...but sometimes I'll admit I wish the technology thing wasn't true.  And that's mostly due to Facebook.

Not that I hate Facebook.  On the contrary, I think it's a wonderful tool to keep in communication with friends and family (my dad officially became cool the day he sent me a marshmallow Peep via Facebook).  I belonged to Facebook in the days that it was restricted to just college students (the way it should have been kept, sorry Dad).  And then high schoolers could join.  
And then the military. 
And then workplaces.  
And then anyone.  
And then we could all put statuses up.  
And then they added the Mini Feed.    

And then......we all exploded because of the enormity of Mark Zuckerberg's influence on our lives.

All of this is to say that I'm tired of Facebook oversharing.  And under editing.  

Do I really need to know that "last night was great, Kyle ;-D" ????  No.  At least send your Dear John letter via a personal message.  

Is it really imperative to our friendship for me to see that you are "on [your] way to the computer lab, then maybe the dining hall, quick stop at Starbucks, then class 3-4:30"?  They call that sort of knowledge stalking.  It's illegal.  Please stop making me an accidental stalker with your inability to think of something more telling than your schedule for the day.

And then there are the people who think they hit the witty button but.....gosh, who just didn't.  You know what I mean.  "**name left out to protect the inhumorous** says 'You know you're a redneck if your gunrack has a gunrack on it'".  Oh, don't go there, **name left out**, I know for a fact that you live in a broken down apartment complex in the suburbs and own neither a gunrack, nor a subsequent one on which to place the prior rack in question.  Or guns to put on any of them.  And your neck is the same color as mine.  Leave jokes like that to West Virginians (sorry, Zach).  Cheese and rice.

All of that being said, my current status is "Cindy Lambert FINALLY FOUND HER CLOGS!!!!"  Necessary for the world to know?  Actually yes....I'll be posting on it later....

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