25 March 2009

Blogs Inspire Me (Or Just Inspire Me to Keep Putting Off that Jewish Backgrounds Homework)

Inspired by Barry's post today, complete with video of him walking Lindsay (who is quickly turning into my favorite animal that I've never met) on Scarborough Bluffs, I have officially returned to my roots.  Well, maybe not my roots.  More like my stalks.  See, we moved a lot growing up and somewhere in between different places in Maryland and Pennsylvania, we ended up in New Hampshire.  And New Hampshire has Fritz Wetherbee.  And Fritz Wetherbee is to New Hampshire what Garrison Keeler is to the Midwest.  He tells stories about things and places that you would never possibly think are interesting...until Fritz Wetherbee tells you about it.  Seriously, I want this guy to narrate our wedding this summer.  Imagine:  "Long ago, there was a camp named Carpenter.  It was a camp where young chaps in the Boy Scouts could run about and fulfill all their childhood summer goals--swimming in the lake, earning merit badges and the like.  Oh yes, it was a dream come true for these children, but for two New Hampshire residents, it would be where they found love..."

In celebration of this, I downloaded a Fritz Wetherbee ringtone.  Now everytime my phone rings, it says "Fritz Wetherbee here.  You have a phone call....I hope it's someone from New Hampshire!"

Also, I just recently found a great little blog named Rivers I Have Known.  The author's great and inspires me to write a few more witty posts, finish that journal I'm a page an a half from completing, and generally put off that Jewish Backgrounds homework that I've been meaning to do for a week now.  Anyone fancy writing an essay about 1-2 Maccabees?

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Anonymous said...

I agree Fritz Weatherbee has that type of voice and delivery that just draws you in regardless of the topic. He just makes you want to go to the place he is describing and jump right in. Now, as far as the Jewi Backgrounds paper you are suppose to be writing.... If you get it finished then the next phone call that Fritz announces just might be someone from NH. Perhaps the love of your life.