12 March 2009

Adventures at SeaTac

Moving to Alaska takes many things:  getting used to everyone asking how you feel about Sarah Palin, learning how to make Extra Tuffs into a fashion statement, a certain amount of mental illness....But it also means that the C terminal of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, affectionately referred to as SeaTac, becomes a second home.  No, sir, you cannot enter the state of Alaska from the Lower 48 without going through SeaTac.  That is, unless you really want to do that 14-hour layover in Anchorage, but really...at least SeaTac has a Wendy's.

The very many exciting things at SeaTac include approximately 54 times the amount of fast food chains than Juneau, the most amazing breakfast taco you'll ever have at Anthony's, Butter London (in which you can get a very inexpensive manicure that surprisingly doesn't result in some sort of infection), a Discovery Channel store that never ceases to entertain me, a surprisingly amusing intra-terminal train system, and water fountains.  

Yeah, I said it.  Water fountains.  They bubble.  And no one has believed me about the bubbling water fountains...until now:


Proof!  Finally!

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