03 February 2009

Who Says Bible Majors Aren't Fun?

I've taken to drawing stick figures to augment my notes.  It's been a rather useful note-taking tool.  Take, for example, this illustration of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church:

Also consider Alethea and my thoughts about if J.K. Rowling wrote a book about 
Church History:
The stick figure on the left is Irenaeus saying "I'm St. Irenaeus!  Be gone, heretic!" and brandishing a wand toward the be-hatted stick figure on the right, who is proclaiming "I'm a heretic!"  It's too bad St. Nicholas wasn't there to slap the heretic.

I also have a line of stick figures named Paul, Schmuli, and Irenaeus with arrows in between them to illustrate the idea of apostolic succession.  Who says Bible majors are no fun?

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