12 February 2009

My Full Fontal Revolution

Like most second-semester Seniors, I have been quietly launching a guerrilla offensive against that institution commonly referred to as The Man.  While most seniors launch said offensive in the form of skipped classes, course loads with classes like Basketweaving 101 or Nordic Myth and Lore (sorry, Scandinavian Studies majors, anything that involves Thor is not a real class), or generally misbehaving (a la The People Upstairs and their activities that I haven't the courage to blog about yet), I have chosen a more stealth way to subvert.  While some seniors are on the front, I am on the font.  

Oh yes.
It's possible.

After 16 years of typing papers to the requested specifications (1" margins, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, ___ amount of pages, give us your firstborn and you'll get an A, etc...) I'm tired of The aforementioned Man getting to decide my font preferences.  Who decided that Times New Roman is the best font ever in existence?  Personally, I think that a hearty Papyrus would make my papers on Biblical exegesis and interpretation look a bit less mundane and a bit more authentic.  A WebDings document might brighten a stack of otherwise boring grading for a lonely professor.  If I took a computer science class, I might consider doing every paper in a font like Verdana or something that reeks of the good 'ol days when the screens were black and the lettering that lovely shade of puce.  

Yes, I am old enough to remember that.  

Unfortunately, I am not one of those second-semester seniors that takes easy classes.  And so, I am bound to The Man and his silly font rules.

...or so he thinks.

One more reason why I love my Mac:  it contains, unlike PCs, the Times font.  

Not Times New Roman.  Times.

It's a bit smaller, so really I'm losing out in terms of page counts, but really I win in the end, because I am not actually using the specified font in all of those seemingly obedient papers I've been turning in.  The Man just thinks I am because Times is one apple that did not fall far from the fontal tree.  

Oh yes, I am quite the underground revolutionary.  Just send me to Paris and we're all set.  I'll type all the secret anti-Nazi documents in Times font just to be cheeky.

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