14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

In the interest of protecting anyone reading this from a) Singles' Remorse and b) vomiting due to how cute I know Kip and I get sometimes, I'm resorting to merely posting a couple links in celebration of a Feast Day that has nothing to do with chocolates or hearts.  Enjoy: 

haha...Scientists are researching smooching:  give this article a big wet one.

This is better than anything I could have written for today!  She has the best stories!

If you really do want to check out the ecumenical background of Valentine's Day, thank the geek who has the Patron Saints Index bookmarked on her laptop.  (That would be me).  Turns out St. Valentine of Rome was actually pretty cool.  And he's the patron saint of affianced couples, so there you go!

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