07 February 2009

Blue Skies, Smiling at Me...

Okay, so maybe I overreacted.   No sooner did I write a whiny blog about cold Chicago weather than an absolutely wonderful day appeared out of the blue...or maybe more like the slate-gray.

A beautiful day.
A perfect day.
A 55-degree weather day.

I awoke this morning to drag myself to my 7 am desk shift and, upon looking out of my window, noticed something odd.  And green.  Heavens demurgatroid, it was grass!  My walk down Kedzie to Park North was surprisingly lovely, the sunny sky greeting my every step with a cheery "See?  Isn't it worth getting up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning?"  No, the $6 an hour really isn't worth it, but seeing the sun was nice.  Bottles and potato chip bags emerged from melting snowbanks on the pavement like bears waking out of their winter naps:  dirty, pretty gross, but a welcome sign of Spring nonetheless.

It's days like these that are cruelly optimistic--a tease of green grass, blue sky, and warm breeze.  I dug my flip flops out from the recesses of my closet and took full advantage of the day, relaxing on Kasey and Alethea's porch and moving my chair periodically to stay within the sun's warm touch.  It's the kind of day where windchimes sound like heaven and even the random floaties in my lemonade are welcome guests...Oh, you came out to enjoy the day as well?  I'm sorry you ended up in my refreshment!  

My reverie came to an untimely end when the clock struck 3:45, my cell phone alarm persistently reminding me it was time to trudge back to Park North for another shift of asking for IDs and forgetting to push the button in time to unlock the inner dormitory door before yet another student stared through the windowpanes at me with loathing.  As I descended the back porch steps, I was sorely tempted to leave a flip flop on the bottom stair as an homage to my Cinderella-like day.  But now it's 4:52 and the sun is setting.  The high tomorrow is only 38.  But hey, Prince Charming came looking for Cinderella, so maybe the sun will come back again later.  I definitely should have left that flip flop.

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