03 February 2009

Acrostical Adventures of Spring Semester

For no reason in particular, the song most often stuck in my head recently has been this one:

In celebration of this fact, Alethea and I recently composed an acrostic proclaiming "THE LONELY GOATHERD SONG ROCKS" during Eastern Theological Tradition in between discussions on theosis and wincing at the stories of Origen castrating himself after he took Jesus' words to "cut off your right hand if it causes you to sin" a bit too literally.

Today is flippin cold.
Hell is probably frozen, too, at this point
Even nose goo freezes.

Longing for a fireplace to sit in front of
Oranges are hard to come by
Not in Mexico--you get them straight from the farms!
Envy consumes me
Like the envy you feel towards Brad's sweater?
Yes.  Blue and red argyle is the new black

Greeks are awesome--that needed to be said.
Oh goodness, why do I get stuck with all the "O"s?
Alright.  Brad is hilarious!
That is certainly true.
Hip--definitely describes how you look right now.
Eegads!  I think I look like Sporty Spice.
Really really hot Sporty Spice!

Soup would be very nice right now
Ontario has a lot I've heard
Need to move there apparently
Gimminy, Alethea, that sounds great!

Russia is probably colder...I think that's why they're so angry
Oh goodness yes..."I must break you"
Chicago is a good runner-up in terms of cold, though.
Kerygmatically, this acrostic is ridiculous
Superfluous as it has been, I think it has been time well used...or at least hilariously.

I never dreamed that The Sound of Music and theology would be so closely intertwined.

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hrobins said...

Haha--I really love your link to the wikipedia article on kerygma. Sweet stuff. I also really enjoy your stick figures...