13 January 2009

Welcome Back to North Park

It's that time of year again.  North Park's campus has given way to not just a blanket but a honking deep shag carpet of snow, the temperature is in the single digits (or has a negative sign in front of it), and classes are back in full swing.  The fact that it's my last semester is a combination of strangely exhilarating and just plain strange.  It seems fitting, however, that in only two days back at good old NPU, there have been enough odd goings-on to make me feel right back at home.  So far, I have:

-watched Kasey punch a giant ball of dough 
-giggled through the Lord's Prayer because my denominationally eclectic group of friends and I kept arguing about whether to be Catholic or not and include the "For thine is the kingdom and the power..." at the end
-been subject to a drive-by criticism by a certain professor with high expectations next to the bridge 
-grinned through yet another one of Dr. Zelle's cheesy metaphors
-heard my Environmental Science professor refer to "wuss-ass A minuses"
-blushed like I haven't since high school when my Personal Health professor asked if I get my cholesterol tested and what exactly the number is in front of the entire class
-been asked by Alethea if we could make more acrostics during Eastern Theological Tradition
-watched Mari pout as she turned the page in her Latin Politics book and discovered that pages 10 and 11 were blank.  She subsequently discovered that pages 10 and 11 weren't alone in the blank department and held the book above her head, proclaiming the sinister nature of whoever published the book before she trudged to the bookstore to return it.
-sat crocheting on the study room floor with Christina and Heather because it was just too logical to go to the living room and sit on the futon

...and that's it for now.  More odd moments are forthcoming for sure.

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