19 January 2009

The Second Post About Fearing Graduation

In accordance with my graduation-fearing state of mind, last night was a big night.  

I sat in front of my computer, the numbers on the screen reflecting off my glasses, a certain mixture of trepidation and excitement coursing through my body.  "Winter Sale!" it exclaimed at the top.  "Travel through June 10, 2009!"  The cursor rested on its target like the victim on a dunk tank platform.  With a deep breath and a hint of a squeal over the thrill of it all, I clicked the mouse button over the word "Purchase".   "Thank You" responded the screen, "Your one-way ticket on Flight 123 from Chicago to Juneau on May 10 has been purchased.  For more information, contact..."  Its standard warning about flight change fees and meals for purchase faded somewhere behind my optic nerve, replaced by visions of getting off a plane with Kip in Alaska, diploma in hand and an apartment downtown waiting to be made into a home.

Yes, indeed.  The ball has started rolling.  

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