22 January 2009

Personal Health, Schmersonal Health

Of all the things to dread when embarking on the college experience, I didn't dread professors or the Freshman 15 or even cafeteria food (hey, after 18 years of Boy Scout dinners, I was trained).  I dreaded EXS 1000, otherwise known by its evil pseudonym: Personal Health.  Let's ignore the fact that North Park has a multi-million dollar, brand new, state-of-the-art exercise center that offers semester-long classes in things like Yoga and Spinning and even one called "Rock Bottom" that does, in fact, turn one's bottom into the muscular equivalent of a rock.  Can we take one of those classes and get credit for it contributing to our own personal health?  No, that would be logical, like giving us the day before Thanksgiving off.  And so, in order to graduate, we must all claw our way through EXS 1000.  I, in a moment less about intelligence and more about procrastination, decided to wait until the second semester of my senior year to take said class.  

And I got into Oxford????  Not smart.

In the greater spectrum of terrible classes, this one is admittedly not so atrocious.  Take last Thursday, for example.  Instead of merely sitting in a class talking about how we could become personally healthy, we actually got up and did it--thanks to Billy Blanks and the wonder that is TaeBo.  Now, you have not lived until you have a seen a senior philosophy major who never hits the gym in favor of hitting the books do TaeBo.  I have lived a life fulfilled, my friends, for I have witnessed one Mark Roosien, who is a lover of wisdom if ever there was one, kicking and jabbing his way to fitness.  

Today, we followed suit with a plethora of tests designed to see how personally healthy each of us is:  we tested our body fat percentage, our cardio skills, our muscle endurance, our flexibility, and more.  Basically, it told me what I already know:  I'm skinny and out of shape, although I have decent abs.  What's curious is the fact that my body fat percentage indicates that I am not "Overfat", nor am I "Ideal for Health".  Oh ho, I am "Ideal for Performance".

What kind of performance I could perform without adequate readings on muscle strength, flexibility, and cardio is beyond me.  Checkers, maybe?

Thank you, EXS 1000, for introducing me to that most noble family of sports: board games.  
I owe it all to you.

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Anonymous said...

Down and give me an "ideal" 20!