11 January 2009

More Adventures with Free Airport Wireless

I don't know if I was blessed with mystical free wireless finding Chi or what, but once again, I'm sitting in an airport (a happenstance that seems to be occurring with alarming frequency these days), enjoying the benefits of free wireless.  My guess is that I'm "borrowing" the signal from the Alaska Airlines special members room that happens to be about 25 feet away from my comfy spot on the floor.  Hey, if I had an extra $250 lying around I'd be a member, and I fly them all the time due to their monopoly in Juneau, so let's just say they owe me the one and a half bars that I'm getting on my Mac, shall we?

Here's the immediate plan:
1. Get on the plane.
2. Eat my (scrumptious) breakfast taco from Anthony's.
3.  With aforementioned breakfast taco satisfyingly in stomach and feet at a desirable temperature, flip the hood up on my Cheshire University sweatshirt.
4.  Insert headphones.
5. Sleep for the rest of the flight.

Oh yes, with the adventures the past few days of being woken up early by carbon monoxide alarms going off on Friday and staying up until 5:30 in the morning with Sherri Mahoney wondering what the guys were doing at work on Saturday, then only getting about four hours of sleep last night, I'm thinking that breakfast taco should be a success and so should my nap.  

We'll see how it goes.

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