21 January 2009

Dad's Shot at Bacon-Filled History

In between classes, with our teeny tiny TV in the living room locked on Inaugural festivities, I happened to check my email while someone important (no doubt) was entering the Capital for the ceremony.  Dad had emailed me from his PDA: 

"You get to do Grant Park--I get DC.  I'm downtown--what a zoo!  You want a picture?"

Um, YES!!!

By the way, I found my new favorite presidential fact yesterday thanks to an NBC commentator--apparently it's a long-standing president-elect tradition to stay up until the wee hours tweaking their speeches.  Sometimes they just sit their VP down in a hallway and recite it to them until they fall asleep at 4:30 in the morning (Clinton).  Sometimes they actually don't change it at all (Obama) and sometimes, an aide walks by the bathroom to find them sitting in the tub with a cigar practicing it (JFK).  I would really have liked to have been a fly on the wall in that bathroom...could you imagine?  "Ask NOT what your country can do for you...no, no, that's all wrong.  ASK not what YOUR country can do....no, still wrong!  Ask not WHAT your country...gah!"  
Bonus points to JFK for having had a breakfast of a plateful of bacon; he was inaugurated on a Friday and the Pope declared a special dispensation for all Catholics that day that they could eat meat because it was a day of celebration that a Catholic was being inaugurated.  

Also, I heartily approve of Michelle Obama's dress.

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