05 December 2008

Happy Finals Week!

The possibly two cleanest people in this world are officially apathetic towards this mess.  That can only mean one thing--it's nearing finals week.

Mari's computer background pretty much sums up the entire apartment's existence.
  The caption says "School:  It sucks, even if it's magical"

In lieu of the mental acuity to write anything that doesn't have to do with Biblical scholarship right now, and to more accurately describe the general feeling of a North Park pre-finals experience, I resort to bullet points:
-Heather and I have decided that we all suffer from a clinical disease called PFS--Pre-Finals Syndrome.  Incredibly similar to PMS, its symptoms include crankiness, extreme fatigue, odd food cravings, and general malaise.  We're getting ready to WebMD it any day now.
-In an exciting turn of events, Josh Dean tried to explain his paper on Plato's Republic to Heather and I over a plate of hummus last night and not only did I understand it, but I refuted one of his points and he agreed with me.  Big day.
-My Greek professor is trying to lure us all to the optional review class with free donuts and coffee.  It's working.
-Speaking of coffee, I had my first coffee-type drink (yes, it's taken this long) the other night.  Judging by the fact that I went to bed and slept like a baby about thirty minutes after finishing it, I'm going to say that it wasn't very effective.
-Our orchestra director gave us permission to do homework while the choir was singing during our dress rehearsal yesterday.  When I looked up from my photocopied article on marital traditions in Orthodox Judaism, the entire string section had their respective heads buried in one thing or another.
-When I entered the library yesterday afternoon to look up said article on marital traditions in Orthodox Judaism, I saw a few people at the computers and tables.  When the librarian announced over the PA system that the annual library Christmas Party had started in the lobby, North Parkers by the dozens started creeping out of the stacks and corners that I didn't even know existed like the creature from the Blue Lagoon (or whatever color that lagoon was).  To be honest, it was sort of creepy.
-Alethea and I were studying in her living room last night, which is across the street from Burgh (home of the boys who like to throw things) and therefore Java Haus, when we were serenaded by the melodious tones of a death metal band from within Java's depths.  Apparently Student Association is trying to soothe our pre-finals woes with.....angst?  
-This was shortly before Kasey came home and, upon seeing that there were only four stockings hanging at the fireplace, whipped off one of her socks and tacked it to the mantle. 
-Tim was also there, in a bright red sweater with Santa on it. 
-In related Santa news, on our way to the Houses & Apartments CHRISTmas party (I still have yet to see what at that party had to do with Christ, but I digress), Josh gave us a short history of St. Nicholas (you know, the original Santa).  Apparently he went around putting coins in people's socks that were hanging out to dry.  There is also a legend that during a heated debate at the Council of Nicea, he leaned across the table and slapped a heretic across the face.  Matt Kemp is now on a one-man mission to repeat this ritual by slapping fake Santas.  For the sake of children everywhere, we're trying to make sure this doesn't happen.

I'll check back in later with the status of our room and my intellect.


hrobins said...

I think this is the first time I've been named in a post...SWEET! This is beautiful, like your face. =D

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look too bad for a dorm room. I've seen worse.