08 December 2008

Happy Finals Week, Part 3: Progress

In addition to my Senior exegetical paper and a newfound affinity for the phrase "that was the beginning of the end" (see the two previous posts), something else has entered my life over the past twenty-four hours:  progress. 

Okay this might not look like progress, but the night is darkest before the dawn.

It got better, see?

Notice the empty coffee cup and open Chemistry textbook.  Clearly Taryn had made some progress before she fell asleep on the futon this morning.  

Okay, maybe it's a stretch, but little things are a big deal...it took Mari and me about an hour to find our floor again.  That's an hour that could have been spent studying.  Or surfing the Internet when we should have been studying, potato, poh-tah-toe.

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hrobins said...

Taryn looks so adorable all curled up on the futon...AWWWW.