15 December 2008

Blogging Woes

There's a Jimmy Dean sausage commercial out that I love: 

It may seem odd, but I've been thinking about this commercial for the past couple days.  No, I'm not inordinately hungry, I'm just not feeling like writing.  I'm "not feeling it".  The fact that the commercial includes anthropomorphic celestial spheres makes me giggle, and so makes the aforementioned lack of "feeling it" more bearable.  Somehow I've convinced myself that I have to write, though, so here I am, embedding a YouTube link and trying to find ways to make a witty story out of the System Update icon that keeps bouncing on my computer screen like a three-year-old who has to use the bathroom.  There's something romantic about writing one's thoughts in a journal, putting paper to pen, getting an ink stain on the side of your hand in the process.  No one has to read it; I could easily lock the journal away in a place where no one would look.  Or, I could trust that my life would be so uninteresting that no one would bother to burn the three calories to open the book and read.  

So why on earth did I make a blog?  Typing is far less romantic and leaves finger goo on my Mac's white keyboard keys, which is far less exciting than ink on the side of my hand and far more disgusting at the end of the day.  (Leave it to Apple to sell a white computer so you have to spend twenty more dollars on the cleaning solution to keep your keyboard from looking like it fell victim to Linus from Peanuts' dust cloud).  I sent a link to my family and friends, so not only am I inviting them to open my journal, I'm asking them to respond.  And not only am I inviting people to read it, I'm placing some unnecessary quota on myself.  "I must make __ entries per week in my blog or my friends/family/anonymous readers who I'd like to imagine exist will stop reading."  The answer was simple, at the beginning:  to let people keep up to date on my life of  globetrotting during the summer of '08.  But it's not the summer of '08 and I'm still writing.  


"Be a writer" God says "It'll help you do My work".  So I write--about wedding plans and school and finals week and YouTube links that I thought were particularly witty, all in the hopes of showing the probably 8 people who followed the link in the email I sent them that it is possible to be a Christian and live a Christian life without constantly thinking about sin or church or something they should be doing that's more holy.  I don't want to say it's possible to live the Christian life and be normal, because that's not exactly what was promised, but it is possible to be in the world but not of it.  

So I write.  

And I work at becoming increasingly real...and maybe consistently witty.    

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