13 January 2009

Blast From the Past, Part 1: Eighth-Grade Stock Market Wisdom

As part of the Lambert Manifesto of '08 (delivered by my parents at the beginning of the school year), I cleaned out my room at home before Christmas.  It included, but was not limited to: about four huge bags of trash, several boxes to be delivered to Goodwill, a variety of plastic boxes labeled with "Give to Cindy and Kip When They Move to the Lower 48", and two boxes packed and ready to be sent to Alaska whenever we find an apartment.  Among the old prom pictures and useless knickknacks that for some reason I kept through several moves, I also found stockpiled old journals and school projects.  Reading through them, I decided something:  I was pretty darn funny back in the day.  Take, for example, this little tidbit from my 8th Grade "Consumer" unit:
"We bought [Carnival Cruises] stock in December because we thought of the winter that we were experiencing and were going to have.  Our reasoning was that a lot of people don't really like the winter, and get bored of it over time, so they go on a cruise.  We figured that then (December 21) would be a good time to buy it because it was pretty low and it would most likely be rising very high soon....We think that [the ups and downs of the stock] happened near spring because hope was drawing near.  People tend to go on cruises in the middle of the winter to get away from the unbearable cold weather.  When you can see that spring is coming and the weather is getting better, people don't really need a cruise to the Caribbean to console them, or at least I don't.  Anyway, back to the stock...."

Seeing as it's about nine degrees outside and there's no sign of Spring in sight, I think a need a cruise to console me.  Maybe it'll help the stock market.

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