30 November 2008

The Tryptophan Coma Continues

It's official.  I have survived my first Cheshire family holiday.  

It's not that I was actually afraid of literally (or emotionally, or relationally) surviving Thanksgiving with the future in-laws, it just seems so abnormal to not be at least a little bit worried about it.  Really...have you ever heard a future daughter-in-law mention her first holiday with the in-laws in a tone of casual nonchalance?  Me neither.  I embrace the average; I was freaked out that the brother/best friend would decide he didn't approve of me after all, and the brother/best friend's girlfriend would hate me, and I'd cry when the yams weren't like Mom makes them, and I'd never be able to get through the Cheshire family "to the troops" toast that requires you to finish whatever alcohol is left in your glass so you basically have to keep drinking so you're only left with a little bit at the bottom in lieu of chugging the entire glass and you therefore end up more tipsy than you intended.  Did I mention I'm really bad at drinking to begin with?  Of course these were all entirely pointless things to be worried about but I feel like if I'd not worried at least a little, I would have missed out on a time-honored engagement tradition.  So I worried.  

And I worried some more.  
I created and planned situations: "Well, I have to be prepared for if so-and-so says such-a-thing then I respond in such-a-way..."
And then I worried about the planned hypothetical situations.

And then the holiday was upon me,  and it went amazingly well!  Casey, Tina, and I got along like we'd been brothers and sisters forever.  The yams were great, even if they weren't Mom's.  The "to the troops" toast was preceded by a toast to our engagement that I'll admit made me tear up and ended up being one of my favorite parts of the entire day.  Booschi, Kip's 95 year-old grandmother, even remembered me and asked at least four times if I was finishing school before the wedding, responding to each "Yes, Booschi" with a nod of approval and a hearty "Good!  Good!" and a grin that lasted about five minutes.  We hot tubbed and relaxed and played Apples to Apples and prayed.  And it was wonderful.

We put together a puzzle that was intended to be done sporadically throughout the weekend.  Instead, we ended up attacking it on Friday night and finishing it in about an hour.


Notice Kip in the front, looking quizzically at his chosen piece.

Yay!  We finished the puzzle!

Casey and Kip did an interpretive dance to celebrate.

They were actually just playing with the Wii.

I really feel like this indicates the entire weekend--there's Mr. Cheshire looking questionably at the Wii, Mrs. Cheshire laughing at Casey, who's being silly, Tina's laughing too...the only problem is that I wasn't quite as much the emo-kid loner as I look.   And Kip wasn't always behind the camera.  Okay, maybe it wasn't quite so indicative as I thought.

We had breakfast at the airport before we left each other until Christmas.  We were much less happy than we look, but my breakfast taco was incredible, so that's a plus.

In related news, Kip and I registered while we were together and it was super fun.  He kept trying to scan random things (like small children) and we registered for a ball pit.  For serious.

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Anonymous said...

It was an awesome weekend. And we... definitly... ROCKED that puzzle. We made that puzzle our vassel.

-contemplative puzzler