08 November 2008

Recital Relationship Counseling

About a year ago, I had an overwhelming feeling that I'd been dumped.  No, not from that relationship, from my relationship with my cello.  I sat in the music building and called my cello teacher from high school.  "Amanda," I cried into the phone, "I just feel like all of a sudden my cello turned to me and went 'It's not me, it's you...'  I don't enjoy playing anymore.  Orchestra isn't all that great.  Lessons aren't all that great.  I feel like I've been dumped by my cello."  She suggested playing all different kinds of music--get into a quartet, a rock trio, a folk band...and orchestra, of course.  At the time I thought playing more of the music I wasn't so fond of anymore was the last thing that would help.  But I did.  

And that is how I came to play cello for Trevor Nicholas.  

Trevor is a music education major here at school with some of the best composition skills I've seen up close.  He started putting together small ensembles to play some of his compositions.  It's never been anything hugely permanent--a chapel here, a collegelife there, a conference performance at Midwinter.  This year Trevor is graduating, which means he has to put on a Senior Recital.  He's a pianist by nature but since he's even more of a composer, he put together groups to play for it.  We've been practicing all semester and tonight was the Recital. 

I will be the first to admit (and Kip will back me up on this) that I've been complaining about the rehearsal schedule for as long as we've been rehearsing.  I was in three different pieces so I had three different sets of rehearsals to go to.  
With three sets of musicians.  
Who are late.  
Because we are musicians.  

Basically, this took a lot of time.  

And a lot of patience.  

But tonight, it actually all came together.  And I'm really happy.  Senior Recitals aren't famous for attracting huge groups of North Parkers, but the chapel was packed.  President Parkyn and his wife were there.  Practically the entire School of Music was there.  Seniors from years ago were there.  And it was all because of Trevor and his music.  

Honestly, I'm honored to have played.  

I didn't hit strings accidentally or squeak or forget to shift.  I didn't play an E-flat when it should have been an E-natural.  His pieces were about God, and I got to worship through them.  I cried after his vocal arrangement of "Come Thou Font". And in the process, I got some relationship counseling--with my cello, that is.  Oh yes, Henri and I are no longer on the outs.  I have yet to announce this to him, but I think he already knows; we made some beautiful music together.  

Thanks, Trevor.

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Michelle said...

I'm glad you and cello have found the love again. :) And your performance opportunity sounds really cool!! I was thinking of you this weekend - I went to Kate P.'s oboe recital and we were talking about cello and I was thinking of how fun it was to have you, Kate and Lisa in the cello section and how proud I was of you all for trying a new instrument and being so enthusiastic.