24 November 2008

This Is What Happens When I Hang Out With Sarah

After spending the weekend with the lovely and talented Sarah Contreras, my new musical obsession is officially Taylor Swift.  Sure, I'd downloaded a few of her songs from iTunes.  Sure, I sang along to "Should've Said No" at the top of my lungs in The Box over the summer, reveling in my then-ignorance that the car has absolutely no sound proofing.  This, however, is now officially musical love.  

Please, please, please, for the goodness of your soul take a few moments and check out the following:

If nothing else, you need to watch this until the end just to see the look on her face when she finishes the song.  If you don't like her after that, you seriously need to take a trip to Oz and ask for a heart.

Beautiful.  Beautiful. Beautiful.  I would pay to tour with her and play the cello part on this.  

Speaking of beautiful, the lyrics to this are written on the top of Mari's mirror in our room, and it always makes me smile :)

Just to prove that she does have some songs that aren't for breakups.  I particularly like the last verse....for obvious reasons :)

Yes, I am still a twenty-something young woman.  Let me have my musical obsessions while I still have time for them.

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