14 November 2008

Hi, I'm Cindy and I'm Obsessed with Acrostics...

Plainly put, Alethea and I are now obsessed with acrostics.  It's pretty much our favorite thing to do.  We did one in class today for "Kip Cheshire" because she wanted to make me smile.  It worked.  :)

We also made one for Josh since today is his birthday.  Consider the following:

Just turned 21 and is...
Obviously excited about drinking.
Has the same name as Jesus
Unites with fellow anti-McLarenites
Against contraception (commentary:  for a better understanding of why we put this, check out line 3 in "Dean")

Devilishly good at Greek
Eats tomato soup and grilled cheese
Adamantly Catholic
Not a Gnostic

I don't know why we are both so incredibly amused by this.  Was it not amusing enough in elementary school when we'd make them out of the word "Mother" for Mother's Day?  (M...Magnificent  O...Obviously the best Mom ever  T...Turns the burnt side of the grilled cheese over on the plate....gah!  It's an obsession!)  Perhaps it's the same feeling Elementary Ed majors get when they get to take their Art Pedagogy classes where they get to finger paint and make clay pots in the name of being able to teach others how to do it.  Clearly this is the Bible major alternative.  If Proverbs 31 is an acrostic, then clearly it's okay for me to write them in class.  

Next step:  making one based off of the alphabet, not a name.  Dream big!

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