12 November 2008

The Heart of Life is Acrostics and Apple Applications

Today was saved by the letter A.  

Example #1 (or maybe it should be A...):  Alethea and I were both less than enthused about our Fourth Year Seminar class today.  Blame it on the cold weather or the low-lying clouds...either way we were both exhausted...

Example #2:  ...so in an attempt to stay awake and relatively alert, we started writing Acrostics to each other.  Bonus points:  we can't get yelled at for it because we had just discussed acrostics (a form of poetry in the Bible where each line begins with a successive letter of the alphabet or a name) in class the day before.  We were merely solidifying the subject matter through practice!  Take, for example, the following:

Cindy is certainly chilly today because it is cold.
I've also been drinking a lot of tea,
Not necessarily because I enjoy it, but because I've
Definitely been coming down with something for the past couple days
Yet really hoping that it won't involve my sinuses.

Plus, we paid enough attention to catch Brad paraphrasing the Bible ("I don't think Jesus meant to say, 'Go tell Herod, that sexy fox...'") and imploring us to "Put that in your pipe and smoke it" after discussing Jesus' use of the title "Father" for God.  Hilarity has a doctorate in Theology and its name is Brad Nassif.

Example #3:  We also decided that going back to her apartment and watching "Aladdin" was a very good idea.  And it was.

Example #4:  When I returned to my apartment, I sat on my floor, staring at my computer in a feeling of general malaise (or maybe it was the "I'm slowly coming down with some sort of mysterious illness" goonies) when I turned on my perennial "Cindy needs to feel better about her life" song--John Mayer's "The Heart of Life."  And it was then that an Apple application made this entire day better.  While listening to the song, I clicked on the "Genius" button in iTunes and voila!  I had an entirely new playlist based on that song.  Fantastic.

In conclusion:
Apple Applications


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Absolutely amazing! gilmore lady