20 November 2008

And the Tryptophan Coma Begins...

Every year, Student Association foots the bill for the entire North Park community--students without meal plans, professors, friends, staff...--to all pile into the dining hall (affectionately known as ARA) for a huge Thanksgiving dinner a week before the real thing.  It is my favorite North Park day. 
ARA is always packed...

So part of the fun is sitting on the floor when there's no space at the tables.
There are several Brazilian students in orchestra who'd never heard of Thanksgiving and had no real desire to participate in it...until we explained the pure magic of ARA Thanksgiving.  They came, they saw, they were converted into believing that it's the best part of North Park. 

The generally accepted rule of ARA is that if it looks disgusting, it's probably really tasty.  
If it looks tasty, it's probably really disgusting.
It holds true even at Thanksgiving.  The yams (bottom, center) were excellent.

...and so was the pecan pie.  Javier was excited about it.

Part of ARA Thanksgiving tradition is that Dr. Parkyn, our President, serves the turkey!



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alethea said...

soooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!
i love those pictures!