25 November 2008

Adventures with Acrostics, Part 5: The Mother Lode

In celebration of the first of our end-of-the-year professor evaluation, Alethea and I embarked on that noblest of tasks, the alphabetical acrostic, yesterday.  

An Alphabetical Acrostic on Filling Out Evaluations
Beautifully unchanging questions
Commonly filled out
Don't take into account the insufficiency of numerical value assignments
Eating them would not be ideal
Filling the ovals in completely is required
Great for pay-back
Hellish papercuts are a risk
Incredibly convenient that professors don't get them back until after grades are assigned
Justice in paper form
Kindly turn them into some lady
Lacking in .5 increments on the number scale
My favorite time of year (because that means the semester's almost over)
Not a good idea to pass them out after handing back a paper
Only YOU...can fill them out
Pencils of the #2 variety are necessary
Ridiculous to try and make an acrostic out of
Stunningly short
They say they actually make a difference...
Underhandedly passive-agressive
Very pink
Willitts did "N"...oops
X-rated evals don't usually happen
Zebras cannot fill them out

Clearly we got a little desperate near the end.  Although Willitts really did hand them out after passing back a paper once and it wasn't the best idea....


alethea said...


hrobins said...

Tee-hee! I love how we students always find ways to keep ourselves occupied while we're supposed to be learning.

Cindy said...

I actually have a habit of doing truth tables when I'm REALLY bored. Thank you, RJ Snell and Logic class...