15 November 2008

Adventures with Acrostics, Part 3: It's Really Just the Third Time I've Blogged About Them

I got an email from my dad today.  This isn't altogether uncommon.  This one, like most of the rest, was terribly funny and made me laugh out loud...I lol'd, if you will.  However this one, unlike the rest, contained an acrostic poem just for me.  I sort of feel as if the elementary school Father's Day gifts table has turned.  This time it wasn't an acrostic from me to him ("F--fantastic, A--amicable, T--theatric when he's tired..."), it was from him to me and it has to do with the word cello:

Certainly you'll enjoy this photo
Early or late in the day
Loudly they play for the assembled group
Lamenting that they had to work on Saturday night,

And here's the aforementioned photo:

My dad's pretty much the coolest ever.

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