26 October 2008

Bow to Me, I Am a Techno-Deity

So I figured out how to send pictures from my phone to my computer today.  Now I was raised in the techno-age.  I can IM and Skype and Facebook with the best of 'em, but this is an achievement, even for me.  I present to you a small sampling of the pictures that have been, until now, trapped on my phone:

This is my favorite picture on my phone.  See that deck in the bottom of the picture?  That's where Kip proposed :) 

Us in the airport last time Kip visited me in Chicago.

Two of my three co-MOHs, the beautiful Sarah Contreras and Kasey Conrad.

Langsea is seriously one of my favorite people of all time.

Yes, that is Josh Dean riding a mechanical bull.

I had a beer...

...at a Cub's game!!!

I like to call the next few pictures "Jazz's Big, Big World":
She liked to scratch Becky's backpack.

Jazz on the sink.

Jazz asleep on the couch.

Jazz in the dryer.  I was actually really mad because I needed to do laundry.

Jazz in the laundry basket (after I shooed her out...I didn't do laundry with her in the dryer).

She couldn't get out.  Ha!

Jazz on her favorite spot on the floor.  We figure she puked on it and is territorial.

This is what happens when you work at Alaska Shirt Company for too long.

These are two of my favorite people in the world:  Genevive and Langsea Dibley.

This is the essence of the North Park greenspace.

See that little splotch almost in the middle?  
That's the baby bunny at the Seminary that I'm pretty much in love with. 

There's always room for Sparky.

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