26 October 2008

Bow to Me, I Am a Techno-Deity

So I figured out how to send pictures from my phone to my computer today.  Now I was raised in the techno-age.  I can IM and Skype and Facebook with the best of 'em, but this is an achievement, even for me.  I present to you a small sampling of the pictures that have been, until now, trapped on my phone:

This is my favorite picture on my phone.  See that deck in the bottom of the picture?  That's where Kip proposed :) 

Us in the airport last time Kip visited me in Chicago.

Two of my three co-MOHs, the beautiful Sarah Contreras and Kasey Conrad.

Langsea is seriously one of my favorite people of all time.

Yes, that is Josh Dean riding a mechanical bull.

I had a beer...

...at a Cub's game!!!

I like to call the next few pictures "Jazz's Big, Big World":
She liked to scratch Becky's backpack.

Jazz on the sink.

Jazz asleep on the couch.

Jazz in the dryer.  I was actually really mad because I needed to do laundry.

Jazz in the laundry basket (after I shooed her out...I didn't do laundry with her in the dryer).

She couldn't get out.  Ha!

Jazz on her favorite spot on the floor.  We figure she puked on it and is territorial.

This is what happens when you work at Alaska Shirt Company for too long.

These are two of my favorite people in the world:  Genevive and Langsea Dibley.

This is the essence of the North Park greenspace.

See that little splotch almost in the middle?  
That's the baby bunny at the Seminary that I'm pretty much in love with. 

There's always room for Sparky.

Adventures in Wedding Planning: Part 1

My fourth grade teacher, Ms. Smith, had a thing for collecting California Raisins figurines.  During indoor recess in the winter, my friends and I used to abscond with the classroom box of Kleenex and make wedding dresses for every female California Raisin we could find (what exactly in the anatomical makeup of a raisin denotes femininity, I have no idea, but I digress...) and fantasize about what our own wedding dresses would look like.  I imagined myself planning my wedding, surrounded by piles of white tulle and roses, gazing adoringly at my beloved while angels sang and doves fluttered with heart-shaped ribbons in their beaks above the whole scene.   L'amour.

Apart from developing a more than slight aversion to white tulle, my wedding-day dreams haven't changed too drastically.  I care less about my bridesmaids looking like clones and more about if they feel like the fabulous ladies they are.  I detest the idea of dyed-to-match purses.  I am wearing the same shoes down the aisle that I wore to my high school graduation.  Okay, maybe my dreams have changed.  Now, twelve years later, I find myself surrounded by textbooks and Bible translations instead of flowers, rolling my eyes at every piece of white tulle in a 2-mile radius while the closest thing I have to doves and ribbon is the swarm of fruit flies that have taken residence in our kitchen, flying away with microscopic crumbs which I like to imagine are heart-shaped.  

But I think I've figured out the difference between my fourth-grade fantasies and my present plans.  Apart from the fact that I look way better in a wedding dress than a raisin figurine, I used to focus on a wedding...now I'm focusing on a marriage.   Everything else may have changed, but I'm still gazing lovingly at my beloved, albeit through the computer screen on our weekly Skype date.  The mere thought of being in the same zip code as him, much less the same church vowing to love one another until we drop dead, brings me to tears.  So I suppose that's the difference:  when I was nine, I dreamed of being Bridal Barbie.  At 21, I just dream of being Mrs. Cheshire at the end of the day, preferably having done so in a respectable A-line instead of something that makes me look like I belong on a dessert tray. 

07 October 2008

Save the Penguins!

Please read this!

My favorite is the one in the lower right hand corner of the screen at 1:43 that's looks like he's running to the "Rocky" theme song.

For a second, I envied the people who go to help out with this, and then I remembered that Kip adopted a mother penguin and chick for me for Christmas last year :)  

01 October 2008

Campus Flooding Update

No rainbows yet, but I'm pretty sure that God made a new covenant with President Parkyn about never flooding North Park ever again.  

The North Branch is back down to where it belongs, classes were only cancelled for one day, and everyone is back in their dorms.  Things are back to normal, except for the fact that the all-girls Anderson dorm hasn't had hot water since the flood and won't for awhile.  President Parkyn brought over a huge box of Lindt chocolates and passed them out as a peace offering.  He is a smart man.

Also, Magnuson Campus Center...the one with the one sandbag?  It's closed for the rest of the semester, if not longer. 


Meet Sparky

Blogosphere, meet Sparky.  Sparky, meet blogosphere.  

His full name is Sparky Fishnik Lambert, Jr.  but lately I've been thinking of changing it to Sparky "Father Time" Fishnik Lambert-soon-to-be-Cheshire, Jr.  Oh yes, Sparky's name changes along with mine.  He's old-fashioned like that.  And speaking of old, that's why I'm thinking of renaming him.  You see, Sparky is about two and a half years old.  He's made it through a nasty eye infection that we think left him blind on the right side and two long road trips.  Clearly he is descended from those ancient coy in Asia that live forever.

The day we became lawfully bonded owner and pet is a day that will live in infamy--June 7, 2006.  It was my first summer with my parents in Gaithersburg and I had no friends.  So I bought one.  We've been inseparable ever since.  

Don't ask me what I'm going to do with him when I move to Alaska.  I'm trying to figure out a plan that doesn't involve air travel.  We'll see how that goes.
I was working at my computer today and looked up to see him sleeping at a 45 degree angle.  He's gotten a bit odd in his old age.  He swims backwards, sleeps a lot more, and rests at odd angles, as captured here.

He also likes to read the Bible.   
The New Oxford Annotated version with Apocrypha is his favorite.  Good taste!