19 August 2008

A Not So Foggy Day in Londontown

On my whopping day and a half between Oxford and flying home, I met Sammi in London to do the whirlwind (and free) tour of Europe's largest city.  Basically, we went everywhere we could think of that I absolutely had to see that didn't involve an admission fee (thanks, absurd exchange rate).  I owe the entire experience to her because, while I consider myself pretty city-savvy, London is a whole other animal and I would have seen nothing more exciting than the view out of my hotel window had it not been for Sammi and her spiffy pocket map of the Underground.  Yes, we minded the gap...that thing is huge!

Buckingham Palace!  It was huge and a lot more open than I thought it would be.  I have to admit, I was a little bit sad that the guards with the poofy hats weren't out and about.  
This was in the top three on my list of things I had to see.   And it was free!  Yay!
This may sound really stupid, especially coming from someone who was in England to go to Oxford, but Big Ben really is big.
Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament!  The historical importance was cool, but I'll admit that envisioning that scene in "Harry Potter" where they fly down the Thames in front of these very buildings was the highlight of my Houses of Parliament experience.  Geek extreme.
See the Queen?  No, thanks.  Take a picture with a British Guard?  Nope.  The only thing I wanted more than anything else out of London was fish and chips.  I got them thanks to Sammi.  And it was amazing.


Anonymous said...

What a spectacular last day in "Jolly Ole England" as they say. So, who was guarding the Queen if the guards weren't about? And, were you entering the phone booth to change into your superwoman outfit or were you exiting the phone booth after saving someone? Dinner looked inviting but what was the green stuff? Glad you got to do the tourist thing with the help of an old dear friend. Gilmore Lady

Cindy said...

The green stuff was guacamole, I think......I didn't really try it.

Anonymous said...

I thought the green stuff was Jello.. now I'm, officially sad, too. Cheerio! Top of the mornin' to ya.

Did you know Big Ben is actually the Bell and not the clock tower? I know, a wealth of useless knowledge unless I'm on Jeopardy.