01 August 2008

A Little Christ Church History

From the Oxford University "Joining Notes":
Christ Church, traditionally known as "The House," was originally founded in 1525 by Cardinal Wolsey as Cardinal College.  Wolsey fell from power before his ambitious grand plan was completed, and Henry VIII re-founded the college as Christ Church in 1546 as a dual foundation of college and cathedral, a unique function which it performs to this day.  There were 101 students on the original foundation and the college bell, known as Tom, chimes 101 times each evening to mark the traditional curfew....The corporate designation of the House is "The Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Christ in Oxford of the Foundation of King Henry VIII".  

Just thought you should know.  And Tom really does chime 101 times every night, from 9:05 to about 9:08 pm.  

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