17 July 2008

The World's Quickest Update

Thanks to the neverending joy that is working 40+ hours a week at Juneau's largest souvenir shop, I've been having a tough time updating the old 'blog.  Here's an update on the summer:

-Working working working!  It's pretty much my life at the moment.  Customers still tell me the sale prices although I already know them, ask if I've lived here my whole life, complain about the digital signature pad (as if they're the first person all day who's told me it looks nothing like their signature), and get miffed when I tell them no, they can't have 18 individual bags for the magnets they just bought.  Joy.
-The Box died and rose again due to a gas cap.(?)  I'll pretend I know anything about cars and say that's sort of silly.  Nevertheless, we're glad to have it back considering how good I am at standard now (yay!) and the fact that it's the only available form of transportation.
-Kip has switched to working night shifts (6:30pm-6:30am).  Weird (and distinctively more cranky) waking hours and vampire jokes have taken full effect.
-With this shift change has also come none other than Kip's parents--Lee and Anne Cheshire.  They visited for about a week full of fishing (pictures and stories of them being "this big" will come at a later date), food (free food!!!!!), and fun ensued.  It was nice to have people I know in the area, and it gave Kip a nice chance to relax.  Now if only my parents would make it up here....
-Oxford preparations are in full swing, seeing as I'm leaving in exactly a week.  On the plus side, I have two new pairs of shoes and a nice dress for the occasion.  On the negative side, I still have to finish my reading.  Priorities, people, priorities!  Expect huge amounts of pictures and postings when I get there.  

As soon as I have more time and Internet access, I'll be uploading pictures and anecdotes like a madwoman.  Stay tuned!

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