28 July 2008

Oxford 101

What can I say about Oxford, other than the fact that it's AMAZING!? In part because I have some reading to do, in part because to describe this whole experience in prose would take several volumes, and in part to save anybody reading this from the "War and Peace" of blog entries, I'll try to summarize the general splendor into bullet points:

-I arrived yesterday about four minutes after registration began (and believe me, waiting until after 11am was difficult), and was immediately greeted by name and given my information folder and an invitation to dine at High Table that evening. Talk about being thrown into the deep end! 
-My room is spectacular--better than a fair share of hotel rooms I've been in, much less a dormitory (pictures to come...I refuse to describe the view out of my window without a photo to go along with it). 
-I am officially the youngest and least experienced one here.  There is another young woman who just graduated, but considering that she's been attending this program for five years, is a Rhodes Scholar, and is beginning at Oxford for her doctorate in Astro-Physics in the fall, I'm going to go out on a rope and say that we're not quite on the same level.  There is a young man across the hall from me who's working on his PhD at Wheaton as well.  Aside from the three of us, I'd say the average age is somewhere around 56. 
-Jet lag is still holding a bit of a force over me (hence the stream of consciousness, not witty at all post), and my stomach hurts from what I presume is nerves, but hopefully that will resolve itself after my first classes today. Or maybe it'll get worse after seeing what I'm up against. Either way, I'm having an unbelievable time here! 

I'll post again (and with pictures!) after I get my Ethernet cord this afternoon and can therefore have Internet access in my room.  Cheerio!

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