28 July 2008

Morris Men...It's Like England's Electric Slide

Tonight after dinner, we all had the pleasure of sipping some sparkling wine while enjoying a local custom--Morris dancing.  In America, our idea of a traditional dance is the Electric Slide, so I shouldn't have been surprised to be so delighted at this centuries-old tradition.  Morris dancing, traditionally only done by men, began in this region of England (Oxfordshire) as a way of socializing among the rural folk.  Like pretty much almost any English custom, it is usually done while enjoying a pint or two...or three....At the end of the night, the group (aptly named the Morris Men) invited us to dance along, and upon considering the fact that I'd probably never get the chance again, I joined.  Now I can finally check "Participate in traditional English countryside dance" off my list of things to do before I die.  Phew, I thought I'd never get that one.

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Anonymous said...

Do the Morris Men know Morris the Moose? And, what would they do is you offered them a muffin with the pint or two or three? What fantastic experiences you are having. Soak it all up. gilmorelady