21 July 2008

JSO Here We...Went?

Finally an update on my time with the Juneau Symphony Orchestra!  Putting together four pieces in two weeks was something I've never done before, and I've also never played with an orchestra of that caliber.  It was quite an experience to play with musicians who have been playing longer than I've been alive, and whose level is so high.  It's not the CSO or anything, but it's better than North Park for sure. 

The concert showed a program of music that was written about Alaska or by Alaskan composers, and performed by Alaskan musicians.  The city is in a two-year long celebration of Alaska's 50 years in the union, and this concert was a part of it!  We performed a selection of rags by an Alaskan composer and a tuba concerto featuring a local student, but the highlight of the evening was the world premiere of the revised "An Alaskan Symphony," which was composed and first performed (in its unrevised state) in the 1940's via radio broadcast to inform people about the then-territory.  The composer revised the piece in the '70s, but died before it could be performed again.  That was definitely the hardest part of preparing for the concert--playing a piece that no one had ever heard before, and of which there are no recordings.  Overall, it was a great experience!

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hrobins said...

WHAT?!?! Better than North Park?! That is simply not possible. Anyway, glad to see you're enjoying yourself. We miss you!!