31 July 2008

Forget This, I'm Going to Hogwarts

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!  

Yes, ladies and gents, it's everyone's favorite fantasy character's birthday.  
No, I'm not obsessed enough to know how old he'd be.  
And to be entirely truthful, I have a good reason to wish Harry Potter a happy birthday today, seeing as Christ Church is Hogwarts.  No, seriously.  Three of the Harry Potter movies were filmed here, and the Great Hall at Hogwarts is based off of the Christ Church Great Hall.  I present to you a small sampling of Potter lore here at Christ Church:

The Christ Church Great Hall, where we eat breakfast and dinner.  Hogwarts' Great Hall was inspired by this, and the scenes were actually filmed here for the first three movies.

Does the top of this staircase look familiar?  It should...it was where the Hogwarts students ran up at the beginning of the first movie before they were Sorted.

This is the bottom of the staircase.

The program director put it well when she told us on the first day, "I'm sure you've noticed that there are about 27,000 British teenagers walking around taking pictures because this is where they filmed Harry Potter.  Please keep your name badges on so the porters know you actually belong here."

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