31 July 2008

Cindy and Sammi take on Christ Church

Today was one of my favorite times at Christ Church so far--Guest Night!  My friend, Sammi, came up from London to join me for dinner.  We had gone to middle school together, but she moved back to England (her original home) during high school.  We've been in touch when she's come back to the States during breaks, but this is the first chance I've gotten to see her on her home turf.  We met after I got out of class and generally painted the town red...and by that I mean we walked around, had some milkshakes, visited The Buttery (the college pub) before dinner, then hit up The Bear, the oldest pub in Oxford, afterwards. 

We did the tourist thing and took lots of pictures. 

Here's Sammi!

You thought I was kidding about the milkshakes...

One of the many things we took pictures of--the fountain in the middle of Tom Quad!

 We enjoyed a lager shandy at The Bear, Oxford's oldest pub.  It has ties from clubs and schools all over the world on the walls AND the ceiling.  Good times.

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