01 June 2008

Meet Kip

Just about the #1 question I've gotten all summer so far is: "Why are you living in Alaska?"  I'd like to give you some epic story about being called by the wilderness in the spirit of youthful vigor, adventure, and ruggedness.  That, however, would be a lie.  The real reason is slightly more sentimental.

See that looker in the middle with the sassy sideburns despite the military haircut?  That's Kip aka Dan aka Officer Cheshire aka my boyfriend, and that's the (sappy) truth as to why I'm in Alaska for the summer...because he is.  He likes pretty much anything that can be made on a grill, Lego Star Wars, and me (obviously), and we've been together for six months after being great friends for five years.  Blogosphere, meet Kip.  Kip, meet Blogosphere.  Get used to him, because a healthy 70% of my stories from Juneau will probably involve him in some way, shape or form.  

Ah, young love.


Scot McKnight said...


Thanks so much for the update. I had no idea you were also going to Bolivia ... quite the travel for one summer!

Look forward to seeing you in the Fall.

hrobins said...

Hi, girlie! I've linked to your blog on my blog so that all of my avid readers (two or three at least!) can find you. =) I'm so excited for your summer!