26 June 2008

Land of 1000 Amusements

I was recently informed that there's a saying about Alaska and its inhabitants:  "Where the men are men, and the women are, too."  It's actually true.  People are a bit more rugged, and when I say "a bit", think old fishermen with skin so tough you could make a Louis Vuitton bag out of it.  It makes things pretty easy when trying to tell the difference between locals and cruise-goers.   Even the women have different fashion sense--I've been told that it's not entirely uncommon during formal events to see a woman in a dress and Extra Tuffs (think galoshes on steroids).  
No aspect of life is immune to change here in Alaska, even forms of entertainment.  At school, I find entertainment value in cruising around the Internet or hanging out on the greenspace.  Here, I amuse myself by drawing halos over Benjamin Franklin's head on the $100 bills with the counterfeit detecting marker at work.  By far my favorite form of entertainment is a little game I like to call "Confuse the Cop."  No, this is not a crime...I think.  You see, the Juneau Police Department is small enough that officers generally know other officers' cars.  When I'm out and about driving the Box, I take a probably unhealthy amount of joy out of waving and smiling at passing officers on duty and watching their befuddled reactions when they realize that it's not Ofc. Cheshire behind the wheel.  The effect is especially amusing when I drop Kip off at work at 6am and the officers coming in after nightshift are a wonderful combination of tired and on guard, which makes for optimal confusedness.  

Oh, how simple my life has become.  

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