01 June 2008

Bolivia! In Photo Form!

Working on laying the baseboard for the wall we built at Villa Frutillar.  It was so much fun to do something that I could stand back and see at the end of the week!

This is Maria, one of the girls at Villa Frutillar.  She's just about the cutest thing I've ever set eyes on, and she loves to cuddle.  Everyday when we walked into the orphanage, she'd be waiting by the gate with her arms up so someone would pick her up as soon as they came in!

This was my favorite little guy at the children's hospital.  He cried and cried and cried until I picked him up and then wouldn't let me put him down for about an hour.  And then he konked out.  Apparently being held by a gringa is very exhausting work!

This is me, hugging onto a petrified tree koala-style at the Inca ruins above Sipe Sipe.  So much fun, let me tell you.  The tree is a lot taller than it looks (shh, don't tell Mom!)

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Anonymous said...

First cactus, now petrified trees and I know you hug human beings - what's next? gilmorelady