01 June 2008

And the Adventure Begins..........sort of

So after two weeks in exotic Juneau and incredibly limited (and slow) Internet access, I realized that trying to send email updates and pictures to every one of my friends and family was a terrible idea.  The result?  My second voyage into the world of blogging--[bolaskoxfordia] (pronounced "Boh-lask-ocks-FORD-ee-yuh").  The title is shamelessly taken from the AT&T commercials that pretty much depict my life--"I go to school in Chicago, but my parents live in Maryland..." etc, etc.  Since my summer consists mainly of three locales--Bolivia, Alaska, and Oxford (yes, THAT Oxford)--I figured that combining the three would make for a fairly witty and convenient title.  

So next time you find yourself wondering "Where's Cindy now?" (I know you wonder it all the time), just scoot on over to wherescindynow.blogspot.com and ye shall be answered. 
 I'll be here all summer.

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