26 June 2008

Adventures in Alaska, Part 4: Retail Woes

Since entering the ranks of Juneau's gainfully employed, life has become even more of an Alaskan adventure.  Take, for instance, Alaska Shirt Company's uniform.  On my first day, I was presented with no less than three clothing options:  a staff t-shirt, a long sleeved shirt, and a sweatshirt.  No, my managers weren't being overly generous (although any place where I get a free sweatshirt AND get paid is okay in my book), they gave me these three options because I actually need all three.  Welcome to Alaska, folks.

Also take the heated arguments customers put up.  Just the other day, a customer yelled at me because I didn't know if we carried salmon jerky or not.  Yes, salmon jerky.  I later found out that it's stocked somewhere between the caribou jerky and the reindeer jerky.  Personally, I find the idea of eating poor Rudolph repulsive, but then again, I am a lower-48er.

As a testament to Juneau's top source of revenue, I was recently given a verbal lashing by another customer because we can't accept the debit cards provided by cruise ship companies for cash-free living onboard their ships.  All I could say to her demands of "Well I've been using it all over the ship!" was "Ma'am, this isn't the ship."  I can't remember if she was the one who then asked if we accept American currency.  
Yes, ma'am, we have been for about half a century now.


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