07 June 2008

Adventures in Alaska, Part 2: The Hunt for Internet Access

One of the first things I did when I got to Alaska was to hunt.  I'm not talking about elk or deer or bears...I'm talking about something a tad bit less primitive.  I hunted for Internet access.  With no connection in the apartment and no place of employment (yet), how was I to check my email?  How was I to keep people updated on my summer?  Being the typical college student that I am, I promptly crumbled into a ball and sat rocking myself in a corner for awhile, then proceeded to hunt down any wireless signal with the ferocity of an Apache warrior.  

After dealing with the screechingly slow wireless at the downtown library and finding that the local coffee shop's connection was out indefinitely, I came across my new favorite place:  the Douglas Island Library.  Now, the mere fact that the library is on Douglas Island means that it is better suited for my needs by far.  It's close to home, its connection is way faster, and it's practically guaranteed to be less congested.  Why's that, you ask?  It's because the only people who live on Douglas Island (at least by my observation) are the local types who have little desire to know who got kicked off of The Bachelor or what the newest Mac operating system is.  Need an example?  I just looked out the window and saw a man who looks eerily similar to the Gorton's Fisherman.  Does he feel the burning desire for a wireless connection?  Somehow I doubt it.  His unknown loss is my gain, because I get this:

Yes, those are mountains across the channel.  
Yes, there's still snow on them.  
No, you can't see the tops because they're so big.  
And I get to sit in the big comfy couch in front of those windows every time I come here--because there's usually no one else here save for the desk attendant and a rogue nanny with a kid or two.  

In this hunt I am the victor, and to the victor goes the spoils--which in this case are a spectacular view and free WiFi.  It may not be a gazelle on the Serengeti, but I'll take it.  What would I do with a gazelle anyways?

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